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18, Feb, 2019

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METAimage Launches Argentinian Gay Dating Site
Apr 10, 2020

Newly-launched GayBAires is attempting to pioneer Argentinian gay-based dating. The METAimage startup was founded by Koby Vyzel with a development team based in Israel.

The idea is extremely simple: "When i've been to the city last month i realized that there is no gay dating website which is with argentinian orientation. As a tourist, it made meeting guys online quite complicated since buenos aires itself's such a gigantic city...", Koby says.
"So, i took up the gauntlet and decided to build it. it's ready now, but before i'm launching it, i'll be happy if there will be some volunteers to test it. as a favour back i'll give every volunteer a gold membership, which means all features on for a year, no limitaions..

Basicly, most features in it are free, but considering it's a non-profit website, and there are some server running costs, users that'll want to expand their features (upload more pics, upload videos etc.) will have to pay a symbolic fee."

So, if you know some potencial volunteers, use the "Tell a friend" link at the bottom.

Enjoy, it's for u.

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